June 21-22, 2023

The Way Forward in SCALING multimodal GeoAI

Update – 2023 Workshop report is now available

The emergence of virtually ubiquitous geospatial data, astonishing progress in artificial intelligence, transformational advances in cloud infrastructure, and high-performance computing are converging to create unprecedented detail in mapping and interpreting the Earth’s surface. Rapid innovations in satellite and airborne remote sensing capabilities will soon collect geospatial data with high throughput and cadence. Tremendous opportunities and challenges for seeking end-to-end GeoAI systems can be brought to bear, providing insights into how humans occupy, interact, and alter the planet’s surface over time for society’s benefit. The implications for science, policy, and national security are extraordinary.

In 2019 we held the 1st series of the “Trillion-Pixel GeoAI Challenge.” With an overwhelming agreement, the community established this as a modern-day moonshot for science and technology. In 2021 we built on the outcomes of the 1st series and presented “The Frontiers of Trillion-Pixel GeoAI End-to-End Systems.” In 2023, we set our eyes and present “Multimodal Trillion-Pixels: GeoAI Challenges.” Join us for an interdisciplinary gathering of experts from image science, computer vision, high-performance computing, architecture, machine learning, advanced workflows, and end-user communities to discuss Beyond Trillion-Pixels Multimodal GeoAI Challenges.