Trillion Pixel Challenge: AI Foundation Models Powering Geospatial Digital Twins

The 2024 joint NASA/DOE-ORNL Trillion Pixel Challenge workshop will focus on the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) foundation models and geospatial digital twins, which are virtual replicas of the physical world. The two-day event will gather experts to discuss the integration and challenges of employing AI in digital twins in topics such as data integration, enhancing analytical and predictive analysis for future scenarios, and improving decision-making. 

Additionally, the workshop will delve into updating AI models for continuous synchronization with physical entities, employing natural language processing for easier interaction with geospatial data, and leveraging AI to process large volumes of data for urban planning, environmental management, and disaster response. Additionally, it will tackle the hurdles of AI integration, such as ensuring model interpretability, managing computational demands, supporting diverse data integration, and maintaining the models’ adaptability to real-world changes. 

The Trillion Pixel Challenge workshop is an opportunity to foster collaboration, share insights and best practices, and ensure scientific robustness and operational utility.