2021 Workshop Program

4th ACM SIGSPATIAL Workshop on GeoAI

Tuesday (Eastern Time, US), November 2, 2021

11:00-11:10: Opening Remarks : Foreword

11:10-11:50 : Keynote Talk 1:

GEOAI in Remote Sensing: Exploiting Natural Language to Understand the Earth

Professor Tuia Devis, Associate Professor, Environmental Computational Science and Earth Observation Laboratory, EPFL

11:50-11:57 : Cross-Modal Learning of Housing Quality in Amsterdam
Alex Levering, Diego Marcos, Ilan Havinga and Devis Tuia

11:57-12:04 : Conflation of Geospatial POI Data and Ground-level Imagery via Link Prediction on Joint Semantic Graph
Rutuja Gurav, Debraj De, Gautam Thakur and Junchuan Fan

12:04-12:30 : Q&A; Paper Panel Discussion

12:30-13:00 : Break

13:00-13:10 : Semantic Segmentation in Aerial Images Using Class-Aware Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
Ying Chen, Xu Ouyang, Kaiyue Zhu and Gady Agam

13:10-13:20 : Synthetic Map Generation to Provide Unlimited Training Data for Historical Map Text Detection
Zekun Li, Runyu Guan, Qianmu Yu, Yao-Yi Chiang and Craig A. Knoblock

13:20-13:27 : Few-shot Learning for Post-disaster Structure Damage Assessment
Jordan Bowman, Lexie Yang

13:27-13:37 : Trinity: A No-Code AI Platform for Complex Spatial Datasets
C V Krishnakumar Iyer, Feili Hou, Henry Wang, Yonghong Wang, Kay Oh, Swetava Ganguli and Vipul Pandey

13:37-14:00 : Q&A; Paper Panel Discussion

14:00-14:30 : Break

14:30-15:10 : Keynote Talk 2:

Detecting driving behaviors and crashes at 500 trips per second

Dr. Robert Nendorf, Director of Data Science and Collin Bennett, Data Engineering, Arity

15:10-15:17 : VTSV: A Privacy-Preserving Vehicle Trajectory Simulation and Visualization Platform Using Deep Reinforcement Learning
Jinmeng Rao, Song Gao and Xiaojin Zhu

15:17-15:24 : Mapping Road Safety Barriers Across Street View Image Sequences: A Hybrid Object Detection and Recurrent Model
Md Mostafijur Rahman, Arpan Man Sainju, Da Yan and Zhe Jiang

15:24-15:34 : Location Classification Based on Tweets
Elad Kravi, Yaron Kanza, Benny Kimelfeld and Roi Reichart

15:34-15:44 : hex2vec – Context-Aware Embedding H3 Hexagons with OpenStreetMap Tags
Szymon Woźniak and Piotr Szymański

15:44-16:10 : Q&A; Paper Panel Discussion

16:10-17:00 : Wrap Up Discussion – Future Direction and Collaboration Opportunities